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Most pharmaceutical companies market the same medication under different brand names in different countries, and many times even within the same country. At times, the same medication is available from multiple drug companies, but under their own brand names. For example, you can buy aspirin from dozens of different companies, but each is essentially the same aspirin in a different package.

The differences are usually for marketing purposes, based on target market, targeted medical condition and language.

Know What's Available

Finding a source for affordable prescriptions means first knowing all your options. This site contains over 5000 medication names, each shown with its variant brand and generic names. Listed are the names for each medication as it is known around the world, along with a brief description.

You need options

The cost of prescription medication, especially without health insurance, can be staggering. In today's internet economy, you have many options at your disposal, such as ordering your prescription medications online from anywhere in the world.

You can browse available medicines alphabetically by selecting from the index above. Whether you live in France, Germany, Spain, Italy or Portugal (or anywhere else in the EU), you will find your prescription medication here.

(Note - Prescription medication should only be taken in accordance with the advice of a medical professional. Please verify your local import regulations.)

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